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Welcome to Real-sciences in English, After 4 years from our beginning in Arabic we figured that its the time to publish our English version of Real-sciences website. Specially after having many good articles about the topics we write in.


Real sciences started in 2011 Summer with small group of people with scientific interests and a tendencies to debunk the pseudoscience topics and myths that’s very common in Arabic world. We started with Facebook group and regular meetings in one of the cafes in Baghdad. But after creating the website to contain the translated and written articles Real Sciences started to spread toward another Arab countries. More translators and editors joined real-sciences and that time it was possible to say that real sciences reached one of it milestones as a successful Arabic website for science.

Real sciences follow two methods in enlightenment, The first is by direct refutation of pseudoscience topics, and the second is by writing and translating in the correct alternatives – the real science topics.

Real-sciences believes that the science is the best way to understand and interpret nature, existence and its phenomenons. And believes that its important to clarify the line between real science and pseudoscience, By publishing articles in website and supporting Arabic Wikipedia and unlike the other Arabic websites that’re interested in science real-sciences has a clear vision and different plans to make a full coverage to some important topics that still poor and lacks a lot of important articles in Arabic.

How real sciences website works?

Real sciences main work is based on translating, The scientific proficiency of  the most of our editors doesn’t allow them to do more than translating, also due to the language barrier, maybe after some time of translating the editor could be ready for writing based on the primary resources. Although we have many articles that’s originally written based on scientific research papers or another articles.

After the translation we have another two review steps, scientific review and writing review. Scientific review is only for scientific articles that’re translated from media, Or the articles that’s originally written. The reviewers are either specialized with the topics they’re reviewing, or have a good scientific background from years of reading and translating. While the writing review which might be strange to hear about from a non-Arabic speaking people, but Arabic language has a standard form that’s not used in daily life, while its used in media and any published book, So only people that studied languages or people whom used to read and write in standard Arabic are able to specify the exactly correct sentences in Arabic.

Real-sciences has a policy to accept the resources, articles, translators, reviewers and editors. and has a detailed list with multi-level assessment of scientific websites also we look for the articles that hasn’t translated or existed in Arabic before.

ِAs there’s a good amount of translated books into Arabic, real-sciences also do accept articles that’s collected or summarized from  Arabic resources.

Our goals

  1. Strengthening the idea that makes science, the best way for human knowledge in, decision making, explaining natural phenomenons, and giving answers to the humanity.
  2. Refutation of myths, hoaxes and pseudosciences.
  3. Supporting Arabic Wikipedia with scientific articles  and resources.
  4. Filling the gaps of scientific topics over the Arabic web content.
  5. Supporting other Arabic science media projects.


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