Evil eye and Pseudosciences

evil eye

The scientific reason behind the rejection of evil-eye as superstition, especially the belief that someone is  envying you, can be explained as a result of people’s submission to the effects of rumors without testing or questioning its validity . When someone is known for having an evil-eye, you might not compare or verify the number of times this person has really spoiled something while looking at it or praising it, against the number of times other people look at  or praise something  and then spoil it as a result.

Collin A. Ross had patented his invention of a device which observes a weak  electromagnetic wave which is emitted by eyes. Before rushing into judgment, perhaps we have to pay attention to the weak effect of the discovered waves. It is not that type of radiation which penetrates walls and travels for long distances. We can not verify the effectiveness of the waves unless we observe it by precise sensors and then magnify it for electronic and electric use, similar to any other device used today to observe brain waves.

The promoters of superstitions cite Stanly Krippner’s quotes and explanations. He is a Shaman tribe magic specialist in addition to other traditional practices. Regardless of the fact  that superstitions make up the most of his writings instead of the sciences, he does not have enough knowledge in medicine and physics which makes him incapable of discussing  such matters, especially that he is a specialist in magic & sorcery arts.

Carl Simonton wrote in this field despite being irrelevant to it. He suggests cancer therapy by expelling anxiety and both negative feelings and energy. He considered stepping into the outlawed & risky side of pseudoscience by implying  hope in hopeless people in order to  promote pseudosciences and superstitions.

The psychologist Armando De Vincentiis said that believing in evil-eye increases among people who express self-destructive tendencies; they look for pessimistic opportunities to show that they have bad luck or any other excuse.

De Vinsentes said that a female of his mental patients who was suffering from psychological impairment prior to her belief that she was affected by an evil-eye and that she was a target of wickedness. He continued  that this woman eventually accelerated her condition upto believing that everything that had ever happened to her was a result of some mighty metaphysical powers which target her.

Reference : http://real-sciences.com/?p=7618

By : Omar Merivani

Translated to English : Nawras Hasan


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