Copyrights and privacy policy

This page contains a copyright and privacy statement which is adhered to by Real Sciences website   towards other sites & individuals contents. In addition,  we request that others sites, our site’s visitors, magazine  readers and App users to adhere to our copyrights.

* The words “we”, “ Real-Sciences” & “Real sciences” here  represent  Real Sciences as a website, magazine & application.

Real-Sciences Copyright Policy Towards Other Websites Contents

  1. We are committed to the copyrights of all our published images. We also invite our readers, followers, and content owners to email us at  (copyrights [at] to notify us about any contents that break our policy.
  2. On the 30th of March 2017, we started a new policy which bans translation from any site, prevents derivative work or reproduction  according to its content. We  will proceed on editing our  website contents  according to the new guidelines and regulations gradually starting from the above date.  You can help us by reporting any contents  that infringe other sites’ copyrights policy.  This is an invitation to send us your claims at the email address mentioned above.   

According to the second point, our website is committed only to quote & translate from the following websites:

    1. physlink
    2. hominoids
    3. zmescience
    4. sciencelearn
    6. Howard Hughes Medical Institute (special permit for Real Sciences website )
    7. New scientist (allowed under fair use)
    8. Understanding Science
    9. smithsonianmag(allowed under fair use)
    10. Science advances
    11. The skeptic’s dictionary(allowed under fair use)
    12. theskepticsguide
    13. Australian Skeptic organization
    14. British Skeptic Magazine
    15. Science and pseudoscience
    16. Stanford encyclopedia (Allowed under fair use)
    17. Skeptic inquirer Magazine  (allowed for Real Sciences website as long as  they ask the magazine for a  permission to translate the articles).
    18. Skeptoid (allowed and they will publish the link of the translated article once it is translated).

Privacy Policy

  1. Any comments, media, articles published by commenters, subscribers or members are owned by Real Sciences and we may use, edit or publish them. For example, an e-mail of a subscriber can be used in the mailing list, with the person’s right to unsubscribe whenever he/she wants to.
  2. Real Sciences website has the right to lodge an electronic complaint against any offensive act towards Real Sciences members or contents. For example, offending or threatening  Real Sciences  member, or stealing their website contents  contrary to our policy.

Conditions of Using Real Sciences Contents

  1. We allow using direct quotation of less than 100 words from one article, with mentioning the source ( real- science)  in an active link format.
  2. We prevent  using  derivative work or reproduction of any article that has special use permission to, unless you obtain your own permission from the original source.
  3. We prevent using quotation from our articles without mentioning the source  ( real –  sciences) in an active link.
  4. We prevent using our articles as school researches, and we invite the faculty members to expand the scope of checking students works to include  internet & the arabic scientific websites.   

Translated By: Nawras H. Safi

Proofread By: Raghda Ibrahem