Memes .. a real science?

June 27, 2016 omar 0

Memes are units of cultural inheritance, like genes. But they represent an evolutionary approach for understanding the mind, culture, and language. Richard Dawkins put his memes (memetics) theory in 1976, and it has been one of the unique ideas that tried to create a relationship between evolution and culture. It replicates traits throughout generations in a similar way to how genes replicate the inheritance of specific traits. In addition, memes are needed as a replicator which explains cultural inheritance via different methods to genes, such as  music, language, clothing, building methods. Therefore, ideas copy themselves at different rates, depending on […]

About real-sciences website

April 10, 2016 omar 0

Welcome to Real-sciences in English, After 4 years from our beginning in Arabic we figured that its the time to publish our English version of Real-sciences website. Specially after having many good articles about the topics we write in. Real sciences started in 2011 Summer with small group of people with scientific interests and a tendencies to debunk the pseudoscience topics and myths that’s very common in Arabic world. We started with Facebook group and regular meetings in one of the cafes in Baghdad. But after creating the website to contain the translated and written articles Real Sciences started to spread […]

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